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Hey everyone! River and Me have another book that you can add to your River and Me collection!

River and Me 30-Day Devotional

30-Day Devotional

If you have a busy schedule no need to fear, River and Me 30-Day Devotional is here! River and Me 30-Day Devotional is full of easy and fast devotions for parents and children. River will share with you some wonderful, powerful and encouraging truths from the Bible. Each devotional comes with an activity page which includes a coloring page or a word search puzzle. This book is in giant print so it’ll be easy for you to hold it up for the whole family to read along with you. All Bible text is from the KJV Bible.

Philippians Bible Word Search For Kids

Hey everyone! River and Me has another word search book that you can add to your River and Me collection!

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Contains the complete book of Philippians. Every verse and every chapter. A fun way to get young people to read the bible.
Each word search puzzle has a bonus trivia question. Search for the words, then you can test on Bible knowledge.
The book starts with the first chapter of Philippians and continues until the end. Compliments other bible studies, Sunday School, youth group and youth ministry materials.
You can teach the book of Philippians and have fun word search puzzles to complete along the way.
There is also bonus coloring pages between the chapters and at the end of the book.
We trust you will enjoy studying the book of Philippians with this word search puzzle book.
Make sure you check out our other book from this collection titled: The Bible Word Search For Kids Book Of James.

Another exciting book is on its way, so stay tuned!

Listening To The Bible

Do you hate reading?  Are you a slow reader?

Maybe you don’t get to your Bible reading because it takes hours for you to get through a couple chapters.

Try listening to the Bible!  It’s fun and easy! And you can follow along in your Bible if you like.  A lot of times I’ll put my headphones in and close my eyes and use my imagination to make The Bible come to life.

There’s a lot of choices online for free audio Bibles.  Here’s one

Maybe you would like to hear me read the Bible.

Comment below if you think I should start making a Tiger River audio Bible, and which book should I start with?

You can see some of your favorite stories come to life on the TV screen by watching, episodes of SuperBook!

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining God’s Love

~Tiger River

Breana Shows Us A Sneak Peek Inside The Word Search Book For Kids

A Sneak Peek Inside The Bible Word Search For Kids

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Okay, it’s movie night! Which type of person will you watch a movie with?

And which one are you? Comment below your answers:)

River and Me Books (Breana’s Videos)

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The Sinner's Prayer With Tiger River

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