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Listening To The Bible

Do you hate reading?  Are you a slow reader?

Maybe you don’t get to your Bible reading because it takes hours for you to get through a couple chapters.

Try listening to the Bible!  It’s fun and easy! And you can follow along in your Bible if you like.  A lot of times I’ll put my headphones in and close my eyes and use my imagination to make The Bible come to life.

There’s a lot of choices online for free audio Bibles.  Here’s one

Maybe you would like to hear me read the Bible.

Comment below if you think I should start making a Tiger River audio Bible, and which book should I start with?

You can see some of your favorite stories come to life on the TV screen by watching, episodes of SuperBook!

Keep Smiling and Keep Shining God’s Love

~Tiger River

Breana Shows Us A Sneak Peek Inside The Word Search Book For Kids

A Sneak Peek Inside The Bible Word Search For Kids

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Let Us Pray (Breana Pope’s Video)

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Okay, it’s movie night! Which type of person will you watch a movie with?

And which one are you? Comment below your answers:)

River and Me Books (Breana’s Videos)

The Sinner’s Prayer With Tiger River

The Sinner's Prayer With Tiger River

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Salvation is for whosoever will. That means anyone who is willing.
Let me explain a little bit about the whole thing…

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